Novelthink -inventions realized- is the private practice of Dr. Barclay J. Tullis, and includes the practice of Patent Law before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.   Novelthink's clients include individuals and small companies as well as large multi-national companies.   Novelthink's location is in the United States -> California -> San Francisco Bay Area -> Palo Alto.

Novelthink provides the following professional services:

As an experienced engineer and inventor with a deep technical knowledge in many fields, I have a great advantage for identifying what an inventor should claim within his/her patent application to obtain the best and broadest allowable patent protection.

Experience: (also see Qualifications)

  • Physicist, Licensed Professional Engineer, Registered Patent Practitioner.
  • Over 59 years of engineering experience within Silicon Valley in research, product development, and manufacturing.
  • Inventor of over 57 US patents, issued*, as well as many foreign patents.   My most significant inventions include:
    • optical navigation used by optical mice (* plus Pat. No. 5,729,008 by Certificate of Correction),
    • digital cameras employing wireless networking to enhance image quality,
    • various optical and electromagnetic sensors within HP ink-jet and laser-jet printers,
    • the Particle-Per-Wafer-Per-Pass (PWP) contamination control metric used in semiconductor processing,
    • Mini-environments and the Standard-Mechanical-Interface (SMIF) used to improve yield in semiconductor manufacturing, and
    • discreet-event factory modeling, incorporating constraints of skill-matrixed personnel, for understanding and reducing job-lot cycle-times in semiconductor manufacturing.
  • Skilled and experienced at training others problem solving skills and how to discover their own creativity.
  • Skilled and experienced at performing prior-art searches and right-to-use searches.
  • Skilled and experienced at preparing patent applications and prosecuting them before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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Hopefully my Questions & Answers page will answer your initial questions on how to protect and patent your invention(s).   The United States Patent and Trademark Office publishes an on-line "booklet" titled "General Information Concerning Patents" that answers many other questions.